30, June 2019

Purely Overseas Trust-Supporting Community Sewing Project

Purely Overseas Trust, a UK based charity http://www.purleyoverseas.org/ supported Nsugeni Community Based Project with funds to implement a Sewing Project for women . The project focused on three pillars: 1. Training and provision of materials for sewing; 2. Sewing for Income Project; 3. School Uniform Project for vulnerable children; 4. Community Focus Group Meetings. A total of 11 women represented their groups to attend training and received their materials to share with their community. Each of the 11 women represented a total of 9-10 members per group.

School kids in uniforms.jpg

Eight children at Natuseko rural community school received uniforms that were made by the project and helped support children who were unable to go to school and now are happy and attending school.

3rd March, 2019


Nsugeni Community Based Organization observed the International Women’s Day, on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements and to call attention to all the work still left to be done in Zambia. This year’s theme is “Balance for Better”: seeking gender balance in the boardroom and elsewhere. Mary Kombe, Director of Nsugeni CBO today encouraged her fellow women members to continue being steadfast in championing the rights of women particularly those in vulnerable situation such as young women and those widowed and living in difficult situation due to poverty. “ As we forge ahead in 2019, women can play a role to change society. As an organization, we shall continue to do what we do best, and that is helping women achieve their goals in life particularly in rural Zambia.One of the key areas we want to focus on in 2019 is building the capacity of women to recognize self-awareness, develop skills in sewing as an activity that can bring them together and share ideas” (Mary Kombe, 2019)  


 20th December, 2018

December is a month of sharing and giving- not only money but your time, love and support to family members, communities and those in need of help. As a small organization, we are very passionate about helping those in need and giving them an opportunity in life. Nsugeni Community Based Organization embraces the “Helper Principle”, nicely coined by Riesman Frank as, “when you help others, you help yourself”.

The year 2018 has been difficult for us to raise funds to meet the needs of women and children whom we committed to help. Our funding ended from one of our generous donor, Global Health, under the Methodist Church and yet we continued to preserver and offer hope to those we work with.

This week marks our time to ask for all generous individuals to consider a gift of ZK100 or more ($10 or more) to Nsugeni CBO towards our goal of reaching 150 women and their families and the communities they live in 2019. For more information on how you can donate, please visit our website at www.nsugenicbo.org or send us an email at insugenicbo@gmail.com

 Happy Holidays

Nsugeni Community Based Organization

12th, December, 2018

Adolescent and Young Adult Health Support in Rural Kabwe

Nsugeni CBO is currently working on a program to enhance healthy development and well-being of adolescents and young adults in rural farm areas of Kabwe, Central Province of Zambia. In 2019, we hope to address the major health issues by strengthening the capacity of women farmers and their families, local public health community groups as well.

If you would like more information about this program, please send us an email or join our movement. www.nsugenicbo.org

1st December, 2018

Remembering AIDS Work

Nsugeni Community Based Organization spent 1st December, remembering those who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS over the past two decades.

As a small organization we have worked with communities to help them have access to knowledge and affordable health care. We are very optimistic that time is just around the corner for a vaccine to come through that will prevent HIV. With current available options such as PreP, we can only thank everyone who are part of this journey helping those who are at risk or already infected. We shall continue to do the little we do as we strongly believe that every effort, no-matter how small, is part of the bigger picture in Zambia’s strategy towards HIV/AIDS

Happy World AIDS Day

Nsugeni CBO Team

14Th May, 2018

Resilience Through Women Empowerment Programmes

Ms. Lungu received a small business loan from Nsugeni CBO. Her plans was to start a small business enterprise that would enable her not only be active in her daily chores but also to save money to help her family. We have all heard these stories before of how women and men come together to start small community based enterprise projects with the hope of raising enough money to meet the gaps they face due to lack of income and savings.

Ms. Lungu with her busienss enterprise

Ms. Lungu with her busienss enterprise

These small but demanding income generating activities are real and working well. Nsugeni CBO has supported close to 17 groups over the last 12 months and we are seeing what changes in the lives of those we support is making. Profits are being used for transportation , buying mobile data so that they can use their phones to call relatives or hospitals in case of emergencies, children are being sent to school and most importantly,we are seeing smiles on the faces of the communities we support.

Thank you to all of you who have had trust in us and what we do.

7th February, 2018

Drought Affecting Livelihoods among Women Famers

For the last 3 months, rural Kabwe in Central Province of Zambia has undergone an extraordinary spell of dry weather. Many women under the insugeni community based organization livelihoods farming programme are  facing drought in crucial agricultural areas – the effects could be disastrous.


Early crop production (such as potatoes, maize and groundnuts) is likely to be reduced by 40–50% in drought-affected areas. The main harvest could fall by up to 40%.

This shortfall in food production could lead to a devastating outcome for the wellbeing of many women who are the breadwinners of their families in rural Kabwe and livelihoods. Drought comes with high risks not just to food security, but can also exacerbate the spread of waterborne diseases. Nsugeni Community Based Organization is working on alternative approaches to share with partners on possible solutions.


Sunshine Women Farmers Group

Sunshine Women Farmers Group

4th January, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Nsugeni Community Based Organization is now featured as a resource on @WorldWideWomenco , a brand new global platform helping women and girls to thrive. Check out our page: http://bit.ly/2itm8WX and join the community! #HerGuide

21st November, 2017

                                               School Feeding Programme 2017- In Partnership with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

With the lean season around us, food is a problem for most rural families as this is the time when farming is at its peak and produce will only be available after April 2018. Nsugeni Community Based Organization with it's newest partner family friends, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) based in USA https://www.fmsc.org/ we anticipate to provide 7,760 meals (one pallet) for our ongoing school feeding programme.With God's grace, we have been blessed and now are in negotiation process for a one time donation through FMSC's local partner in Mongo. We anticipate to feed 150 children to enable them to continue with their school while at the same time recognizing the good nutritional quality of the food packs provided by FMSC. Thank you Lord for connecting us to  yet another wonderful and God' family to us.

Children at a community School to soon benefit from the continued feeding school programme.

Children at a community School to soon benefit from the continued feeding school programme.


11th October, 2017

International Day of the Girl Child – 11th October 2017

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of the Girl and the International Day of the Girl. October 11

Nsugeni Community Based Organization continues to support more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls in rural Kabwe of Zambia based upon their gender. We aim to support young girls with educational and health education. This inequality includes areas such as right to education/access to education, nutrition, medical care, and protection from violence against women For the past 12 months, Nsugeni CBO has supported over 25 young adolescent girls with health education through innovative awareness programmes. We have also encouraged our women groups that we support to continue mentoring young adult girls. For more information about our work, please let us know.

Bupe and her friends supported by Nsugeni CBO

Bupe and her friends supported by Nsugeni CBO

10th October, 2017

Nshanshya Community-Supported Bakery

Natubombe Women's Group- Breadmaking Project

Natubombe Women's Group- Breadmaking Project

Natubombe Women Group is a rural community supported bakery in Kabwe, Central Province of Zambia  producing real bread and buns for the local traders in Mpima rural area. All of the products made from local flour and no additives. The women group is comprised of 10 members and  makebreads in the traditional way

Natubombe Women’s Group continues to raise funds through the sale of bread to build the capacity of its sustainable Community-Supported Bakery and to help families of the member groups and other vulnerable families like the elderly and children orphaned by aids. With support from Nsugeni Community Based Organization, the project aims to reach out to 30 families by the end of 2017/2018 calendar year. The project supply local village markets, small businesses traders with bread and buns and aim to increase access to real bread for many more members of the local community.

As a women’s group, they work hard to invite other members to join the project such as volunteer bakers, local people selling the bread at numerous village markets, and the innovative distribution system we call 'bread baskets', which makes use of existing neighborhood networks. A sustainable, local supply chain is also being developed, which will increase Natubombe ‘s positive effect on the local, rural economy..


4th August , 2017

                                                     Agriculture Season Has Just Begun

The month of August is typically the beginning of farming in many parts of Zambia. Families, individuals spend a lot of time, preparing the land through conservational farming. This requires clearing land, making sure you have the right seeds and above all the labor to help the community. Women in rural Zambia work extra hard particularly for single mothers who depend on agriculture as their source of income and food for the family. In 2017/2018 season, Nsugeni Community Based Organization will work towards helping 15 groups on an extensive agriculture programme with the hope of improving their food production.

Mpima Rural Farming Group

Mpima Rural Farming Group


14th July 2017

                                                   New Partnerships can be a Challenge

Identifying new partners can be a challenge and we need to be open and talk about it. Many hours/weeks or even months can pass as we meet different partners, hear their needs and whether they meet our desired goals. Fortunately Nsugeni CBO has for the month of July found a newest partner member of the family from the Mpima Rural School. So how do we find our new partners? We ensure that they are rooted in the community, they represent women , their community project ideas are truly a reflection of the community needs and most importantly who wil benefit directly and indirectly. Are they serving children and women and will they contribute to the production of food ?

Mpima Rural School Women Group

Mpima Rural School Women Group


30th July, 2017

Agriculture Extension Services Much Needed Services in Rural Zambia

Agriculture Extension services are common but very difficult to acquire due to luck of resources. Nsugeni Community Based Organization's mandate for 2017, with the support from the Global Health is provide some level of capacity training to local women and men rural farmers. During the month of July, we were able to solicit a number of technical services from Mr.L Mwenda who offered his time out of work schedule to come and offer his services to rural farmers. Specifically, he was able to train famers on crop spacing, limiting the use of fertilizers, types of cash crops we need to focus on that are low cost but high impact on nutrition as well as cash producing foods. A total of 16-20 farmers attending these sessions.

Mr. Mwenda teaching community groups on Agriclture

Mr. Mwenda teaching community groups on Agriclture


23rd June , 2017

Health related matters are very important as we believe that a healthy women will in no doubt do more in life for her family. It is for this reason that Nsugeni Community Based Organization undertakes an integrated approach to its work. We not only limit our support on enterprise development or education for women and young girls, we also provide health education. During the month of June, Mr. James Milunga (in red t/shirt) offered a short course to a women's group in Makwati on primary health care and how to integrate it in farming and economic opportunities. Topics of the training included: HIV/AIDS, Women Sexual Health and Rights; Nutrition and Water and Sanitation knowledge for better healthy living. A total of 17 members of the Makwati Women Group attended the training. 

James Milunga with Makwati Women's Group

James Milunga with Makwati Women's Group


8th June, 2017

                                     Growing Onions- A New Direction for Source of Livelihoods

Small community farming is a difficult but worth our time and effort. It's a place where we spend time together, talk about our many challenges and come up with solutions on how we can improve our lives. What makes it even more fulfilling is the fact that we are a group of 18 women at Tusugeni Women Group beings supported by Nsugeni Community Based Organization in rural Kabwe. For our community garden we have decided to grow onions as the market for vegetables like rape, cabbage is full. Our research tells us that onions are easy to grow and has a good market. We hope to profit from this farming and raise some money for our children and meet some of the health costs that we want. Most importantly we can offer emotional support to ourselves and take care of our children as we can't afford to pay maids to look after them while at home.

The only challenge we have is the access to water. However, with support from Nsugeni Community Based Organization, we have been promised with shallow wells that we can use now to water our community gardens.


27th April, 2017

New Beginning – Small but Effective Vegetable Backyard Gardens

Nsugeni Community Based Organization is launching a sustainable livelihoods programmes to support vulnerable families during the lean season (when there is not enough food to plant in the regular farming season) for only $30 you can sponsor a backyard family.


  1. To contribute to the general production of food at community and household level

  2. To help improve nutritional status for children and elderly women who do not have  


The project identifies families who meet the minimum basic requirements such as (vulnerability, orphans support, elderly and poor or no source of income). We support from Nsugeni CBO, the families receive agriculture inputs, training and regular support visits to ensure the backyard gardens are working well- Access to water to irrigate the vegetable gardens is also a priority. Community Water Source Shallow wells will be provided.

Type of Gardens

Although we encourage communities to have their own ideas and choices about what vegetables to grow, this project will focus on families with limited space for a back yard vegetable garden, with a focus on crops that are easy to grow and expensive to buy such as: Potatoes that are more valued as a nutritious starchy food; Tomatoes, Beans for proteins and so forth. If you would like to sponsor a backyard garden for a family, please contact us and we will provide you details for the family and what type of vegetables they will grow. For only $30 you can sponsor a family to start a backyard garden and support the family .


Melvin at her newly prepared back yard vegetable garden

Melvin at her newly prepared back yard vegetable garden

13th April, 2017

Support Women Groups – A Strategic Initiative For Nsugeni Community Based Organization

James Milunga is one of the community directors at Nsugeni Community Based Organization. He’s role is intertwined between health care management and community education for the partners registered with the organization. For the month of April and May, James has a mammoth task to ensure that the community groups that are selected for the livelihoods enterprise programme meet the minimum standards. What are the minimum standards that James is looking for to recommend the group to Nsugeni CBOs support?

  1.  Is the group known in the community and does it brings together marginalized or vulnerable women/men members together to identify challenges and offer solutions to help

  2. How feasible is the enterprise initiative the group wants to embark on

  3. What plans do they have to help support family or community members

In the month of April, the committee at Nsugeni CBO approved an enterprise grant to Natubombe group and James had the liberty of communicating the approval and issue of the enterprise grant to the group

James Milunga, Director giving enterprise grant to Natobombe Women's group

James Milunga, Director giving enterprise grant to Natobombe Women's group








27th March, 2017

Six Women Groups Identified for Micro Enterprise Programme

Nsugeni CBO has identified 6 Women Groups this month under it's economic empowerment programme. The Groups will work together to run innovative community enterprise programmes and agriculture work to help generate more income at community and family level for better health care and education for orphans and vulnerable children and most importantly building their own self esteem and pride as women despite the many challenges they face. But to do this, Nsugeni CBO needs your help. For more information on how you can donate and support our work, please send us an email at insugenicbo@gmail.com or go to our donation page on the website







In this video, the women are praising the work they do together in particular the women who come to visit them and offer support such as Nsugeni Community Based Organization (Nsugeni CBO)

19 th March, 2017           

Supporting Women Rights Through Women Support Groups- Makwati Women’s Group

Makwati Women’s Group is a place where a group of women interact and share their challenges, hopes and opportunities among themselves. Every Tuesday, members of the Makwati Women’s Group meet and help one another. Nsugeni Community Based Organization through its support from the Global Health in USA will provide continued support to this group to achieve three key areas:

  1. Provide knowledge on human rights, such as Gender Based Violence, Access and control of land for farming and most importantly, freedom of speech at household level and community.

  2. Provide a grant to the group to enable them continue with their Savings Loans Enterprise group business that will help members generate income and savings to support their family

  3. Provide Training to the group on how to continue running a business and achieve profit

Makwati Women's Group

Makwati Women's Group



For many people in Zambia, we are not very family what Saint. Patrick’s Day is  and its history. So we did a bit of research and discovered that “Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is, "the Day of the Festival of Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland. So why is it so special to us as a small emerging grassroots organization working with women in rural Zambia?

At Nsugeni CBO, we look at the green color of our vegetables on March 17th and feel that we need to be part of the celebrations that God has given us. People will have food on their table. We also recognize Irish Aid in Zambia for the work they do to promote Human Rights and the fight of HIV/AIDS particularly supporting children and women.

From all of us at Nsugeni CBO, we want to wish all Irish people and those celebrating with them, a Happy St. Patricks’ Day as many Christians will attend church, and Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol will be lifted for the day. That could be the reason the we see on TV noisy cultural celebrations with parades, green garb, dancing, traditional food and lots of partying

Thank you and Happy St. Patricks’ Day

Nsugeni Community Based Organization



Mother and her children from Mpima Women's Group picking green bean leaves. A symbol of joy on green on 17th March 2017

Mother and her children from Mpima Women's Group picking green bean leaves. A symbol of joy on green on 17th March 2017


Happy Women's Day !

Nsugeni Community Based Organization would like wish all women in Zambia and the world at large a fruitful International Women's Day (8 March) as we continue to  celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of us women in the past, present and future. At our organization we value the role that women play in society and that is why we promote the work of rural women in farming and also promote economic empowerment programmes like supporting small savings women loan groups; provide educational support to young adolescent girls.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2017

Celebrating International Women's Day 2017


Nsugeni Community-Based Organization works to create sustainable and dignified livelihoods for women, educational opportunities for children, and a comprehensive support network for the vulnerable populations of rural Zambia. 


 "When we run together, we run far."  

Zambian proverb