About Us

Nsugeni Community-Based Organization (Nsugeni CBO) was founded in 2006. “Nsugeni” is a Bemba word that translates to “help me” in English. It serves as a reminder of our mission to provide comprehensive support to women, children, individuals living with HIV, and other marginalized groups living in rural Zambia.

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While Zambia is still a growing nation with vast potential, stagnant economic conditions and an HIV-related health crisis have kept many of our citizens in a perpetual state of poverty and disadvantage. Nearly 15% of the population is infected with HIV, and many more lives are impacted peripherally as a result. The devastation wrought by HIV and AIDS has left many of our children orphaned or in the care of elderly family members.

Of the nation’s 15 million citizens, only a very small fraction of adults are able to obtain consistent employment. The average annual income for many rural Zambians remains far less than what is needed to rise above destitution and maintain a healthy standard of living. Our goal is to help break this cycle of poverty and give Zambia’s most underprivileged citizens the opportunity to improve their living conditions and experience upward mobility. We are also proud to be a member of WorldWideWomen global organization who's mission is to move the needle toward gender parity

Our programs focus on women, children, the elderly, and infirmed individuals who are the victims of chronic poverty and continue to be unjustly set aside in society. We believe that empowering women, investing in education, and providing access to necessary health services is the best way to provide – not only hope – but the very real opportunity to embrace a brighter future.

Nsugeni CBO represents the collective effort of a group of women and men who understand the hardships that the people who live in rural Zambia must endure on a daily basis. To address these challenges in a direct, meaningful, and holistic way, we focus our resources on six areas of development:

1. Microloans and Grants for Women-Owned Businesses 

We provide funds to enterprising women’s groups so that they can start their own businesses. Our primary concern is the sustained success of each venture. To help these groups succeed and reach their fullest potential, we provide:

  • operational support for all new businesses


  • skills training and guidance for each woman in the group


  • a reliable resource for feedback and the exchange of ideas



2. Expanding Educational Opportunities 

We believe that education lays the foundation for lasting success. Our goal is to improve and increase the educational opportunities that are available to the children in our community. We work with the Ministry of Education, parents, teachers, and students to:

  • pay school enrollment fees

  • supply students with uniforms, shoes, and other necessary supplies

  • provide hands-on tutoring and mentoring support for schoolchildren

  • refurbish school facilities to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment

  • facilitate training opportunities for teachers to develop new skills

  • offer organizational support to parent-teacher associations

3. Sustainable Farming 

Cultivating the land is an effective means of survival for the people of Zambia. Maintaining crops and livestock provides a way for women to earn a living with pride and dignity. We work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and members of the community to:

  • initiate agricultural training programs  


  • provide women with the means to produce additional food to sustain their families


  • create a reliable resource for increasing household income



4. Health, Nutrition and Health Education

The health of our community is directly related to its ability to flourish. Access to healthcare and health education is less prevalent in rural Zambia than it is in the nation’s urban areas. We work with the Ministry of Health, healthcare organizations, and the community to:

  • arrange essential health interventions


  • provide health education


  • initiate prevention programs



5. Community Outreach

The rural Zambian community is at the heart of our work and serves as our source of inspiration and resolve. We exist as an integral part of the community and strive to engender an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion. We work within the community to:  

  • cultivate relationships with marginalized members of the community

  • provide emotional support and a sense of belonging

  • create awareness of the pressing issues that impact all of us

  • reach out to disadvantaged individuals in need




6. Institutional Development

Ensuring that our organization works as efficiently as possible is an important step in preserving our ability to provide beneficial services to the community. We work to strengthen our capacities and broaden our knowledge to increase the number of services we can provide. We utilize our internal resources to:

  • buy tracts of land that can be used to grow crops

  • equip our offices with supplies

  • initiate contact with external groups to improve our practices and expand our reach

  • conduct fundraising activities  

"Supporting women and children's needs is sustainable programing, period."

-- Theresa Bwalya, Nsugeni CBO Director of Education