Looking Ahead For 2019

Nsugeni Community Based Organization would like to offer a special thank you to UMC Global Health for supporting our community health initiative over the past year. With your help, we were able to reach out to 15 community based groups, and 15 micro enterprise initiatives closely to 150 women members! We also recognize that “giving comes from the heart and NOT the amount that matters”. We want to also express our sincere gratitude to our individual donor - Alexis for his commitment monthly donations to support children in school. Thank you!

Our next chapter for 2019 looks promising. We are sat and asked ourselves tough questions where we need to position the organization. What did we do well, and how did we do it? What were the failures and how can we control them? Any opportunities that we can look at? For 2019 we are therefore going to focus on three key strategies:

1.      Providing Space and Opportunities for Women to come and share their life experiences, and challenges so that we can offer guidance if applicable on improved health for women

2.      Young Adults, Children are our priority- We don’t want to see children going hungry at school or without a meal at home. This is a tough one, but we shall pray for people to help us move forward.

3.      Agriculture- Helping women farmers who are struggling with basic agriculture to put food on the table. We shall continue to work with the Ministry of Agriculture and offer extension services, and access to affordable inputs while at the same time promoting ecological sustainable agriculture.

PLEASE JOIN OUR MOVEMENT IN 2019 by offering your time, donation or even talent to help us achieve our goals.


Happy 2019


Mary Kombe





Six Month of Hard Work

Nsugeni CBO Team  worked tirelessly over the course of the first half year into 2018. Here are some highlights that we have done:

1. Despite the struggle with poor rains that caused huge challenges with farmers, we were able to continue helping families and women groups to grow drought resistance high protein vegetables. Most if not all 9 groups were able to grow beans. This week we begin to monitor how the farmers are going to collect the beans from their fields and store it appropriately for consumption and market value

2. We were able to work with Global Health to ensure the programme activities were completed as scheduled and submitted the final report. This included financial and written narrative reports.

3. We were able to identify 7 more groups of women/men to embark on innovative but high value business enterprises within their communities. 

                                                Nsugeni CBO  Team

                                                Nsugeni CBO  Team


4. We recognized that women and the communities in general where we work need to be recognized. We therefore organized an appreciative day and gave certificates to our partners recognizing the work they do in rural Kabwe.



Remembering International Women's Day - March 8th 2018


Did you know the first International Women’s Day took place 106 years ago in 1911 when women began to champion their voices on gender equality? Nsugeni Community Based Organization is proud to be part of this historic journey that is remembered every  year on March 8th

Women all over the world have the potential to make a difference at village, local, national and global level. But in order to accomplish this, they need your support. So together, let's all be tenacious in accelerating this cause. In Zambia we are already seeing progress through the Ministry of Gender whose mandate is to protect and promote women's rights, curbing gender-based violence and reducing gender inequalities by making progressive changes to legislation to strengthen the protective environment.

So, make International Women's Day YOUR day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference. Visit our website www.nsugenicbo.org

Sunshine 2018.jpg

Drought Affecting Food Production and Farming

Sunshine Women Group, a well organized group that has worked tirelessly this season to plant maize for food consumption and market opportunities is now praying for hope. The drought that has hit Central Province in Zambia may have a huge toll on the livelihoods of these women. A group of 15 MEMBERS are hoping for the best that despite having no rains, they might see a miracle.

Farmers Zambia.jpg


We’ve recently been highlighted as a featured organization on WorldWideWomen! WorldWideWomen.co is an easy-to-use online resource platform for women who want trusted information. Their mission is to connect women and girls around the world with valuable organizations, programs, and services that have the potential to positively impact their lives.

Women Supporting Each Other

The fact that we sit share our own challenges, aspirations and emotional support is something more powerful you can ever think of. Every week we find time to "network" and with support from Nsugeni Community Based organization, it's a miracle that we have them" says Judy Bwalya, a member of the community group. The Shunine Women Group meetings every two weeks to reflect on their community engagement as part of the contribution they make to their family and community at large. The women group is comprised of 11 members and are embarked on a livelihoods project to provde food to the community in general and training skills to would be women farmers.

Women Resting while working.JPG

Sunshine Agriculture Group

With the agriculture season now in its second month, farming on time is a must. One such group that aims to mobilize and engage its members is the Sunshine Women Agriculture Group of Mpima. The community initiative has 15 members that meet on a regular schedule to work in the field. Their aim is to produce enough food this season to feed their families and sale some of the surplus to raise income for other urgent family and community needs such as improved educational opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children, feeding venerable households.

Nsugeni Community Based Organization aims to support this group with additional inputs and access to skilled training on ecological agriculture practices and access to markets and

Sunshine Women Farmers  Group in Mpima.jpg



At Nsugeni Community Based Organization, we work so hard to try and give hope to our women and their families. We provide livelihoods support so that they can increase their food production while at the same time we believe that a healthy body can do more and therefore we try as much as we can to provide health and nutritional support to mothers and children. For 2017, we are going to be proud reaching out 30 women groups and 60 households under our programme of support.


While we work hard, we also have fun with our communities. Our 2017 Miss Nsugeni contest show just ended. Our first prize went to Ms. Juliet from Natubombe Women Groups. Second prise went to Ms. Mwamba from Twaikosa Group while the 3rd prize was awarded to Ms. Violet from Mpima Women’s Group. The competition was modeling.


Other prizes included the best women enterprise programme with high impact and supporting families with income and food production including rate of payback on loans:


  1. Frist Prize:  Mapalo Women Groups – Selling Chickens

  2. Second Prize: Natubombe Women Group- Selling Homemade bread and buns

  3. Third Prize – Tuplipamo Women Group – Selling second hand clothes and knitting school sweaters


Mary Kombe (far right) with Winners of the 2017 Miss Nsugeni CBO Contest

Mary Kombe (far right) with Winners of the 2017 Miss Nsugeni CBO Contest

Army Worms- Yet Another Challenge For Women Farmers

Army worms are turf and crop feeders, which makes them a serious pest for many farmers particularly local indigenous women farmers in Zambia. Like most caterpillars, army worms have voracious appetites. Before they turn into moths, these worms can destroy a beautiful crops such as maize , one of Zambia's staple foods. With support from the United Methodist Church Globah Health,  Nsugeni CBO will work with the Ministry of Agriculture  to provide additional training to women farmers on how to mitigate the army worms that have once again been identified as a challenge for the 2017/2018 agriculture season . Click Here is the report  for more information on the recent report of army worms in Zambia.

Backyard Gardens- A Source of Food Production and Livelihoods

 Nsugeni Community Basesd Organization believe that women have a strong sense of community and they are always helping others. This is true with community gardening, a project being funded by Global Health from the Methodist United Church in USA.  These gardens are often established at the back or side of a home or school /community property because families or children are keen to become involved with the communities they live and work in and where they are daily confronted with poverty or nutritional challenges.

As a women led organization, we are committed to support families who are interested and engaged in low-cost food production as community gardens make ecological sense. We have seen local ruralfarmers plantting hedges and other flora around their plots. Community Gardens The gardens can be anything from 1,000 to 5,000 square metres in size.Mary Kombe is leading by example- She strongly fees that eating vegetables regularly, has improved her health.

Early Rains Calls for Early Planning and Planting

Our first touch of 2017 rains dropped. What that means is a sign that we may need early preparation of our fields for farming. At Nsugeni Community Based Organization we are getting ready with 6-7 women groups to grow additional food to support their families. We are planning to hold agriculture plot demonstrations, mentorship with Ministry of Agriclture and most importantly to ensure that we grow ecological sustainable agriculture and nutrition food. We are also going to ensure that we follow through and visit our groups to ensure they get the necessary support and that we track their progress so that we can report to our donors on the changes happening to their lives.

Image by Daily Mail- Example land preparation after first rains

Image by Daily Mail- Example land preparation after first rains

Planning Ahead For The Next 6 Months

With less than 6 months left before the year end, Nsugeni Community Based Organization had it's mid term planning to prioritize its work. We are going to focus our work on three key priorities.

1. Agriculture support to Women Groups. We want to continue to help women as our priority so that they produce additional food to support their families and children. We intend to reach out and support 5-6 groups.

2. We are hoping to find sponsors for 9 of our young girls we are still in need of educational support. We are appealing to the community to join us in helping these young girls go back to school .

3. We also want to continue empowering ourselves at Nsugeni Community Based Organization so that we have the necessary skills to help the communities we support even better and document what we do.

4. Finally, even though this has been a challenge, we still want to help our community schools by rehabilitating some of the dilapidated schools so that children have access to better, safer and heathier facilities such as toilets and drinking facilities.

Conservation Farming- Solution for Increased Food Production

Nsugeni Community Based organization believes that Conservative Agriculture (CA) helps to improve soil management practices that minimize the disruption of the soil's structure, composition and natural formation. At our organization, we have seen that conservation farming has the potential to improve crop yields, while improving the long-term environmental and financial sustainability of farming. In doing so, during the month of July/August, (the beginning of the farming season) we conducted a series of training to local rural farmers on how to practice Conservation Farming. Mr. Constantine Mwape, a local farmer provided his skills on how to prepare the land. It is anticipated that 7 community farms will be initiated that will practice CA for improved food production in Mpima Scheme.

Constantine Mwape- Teaching Farmers on Conservation farming

Constantine Mwape- Teaching Farmers on Conservation farming

Supporting Women Impactfully

It is totally true when Womankind Worldwide articulate that, “Without financial independence, women are less able to escape abusive relationships or influence decisions in their communities. We work with our partners to deliver training for women to earn their own income, to help girls continue their education, and give rural women access to loans and credit.” This is totally a reflection of what we are all about as a local organization. Our promise and commitment is to reach 50 women groups by the year 2020 and offer the necessary tools and skills to get them out of extreme poverty by embarking on a continue programme that includes : Education/Livelihoods skills; Loans/grants for Small Business to help them increase their income and finally, we want to make sure that women and young girls have access to local assets and control some of them as well.0

Supporting Women Groups to Keep and Sale Chickens - An Intergrated Approach

Women Community Groups are becoming even more smarter here in Zambia. They are embracing the idea of “integrated” food security and working on a combo of various types of projects. Health, Education and now food security. With continued support from Global Health, a US based organization, Nsugeni Community Based Organization is working with these women groups to fulfill their dreams. Our newest friend is in Natuseko Community that have unanimously agreed to raise chickens for meat (healthy food) and for sale (livelihoods to raise income).

Hybrid chicken in Zambia in generally more expensive to keep, but communities tend to get higher returns than the local breeds, popularly known as “Trotter’s” . Nsugeni CBO is more confident that Women Groups keeping chickens will get a return on their investment in just two months compared to our traditional “Trotters” that require at least seven months before they can sell the birds off as food. 

Community Health- Backbone for Development

Nsugeni Community Based Organization continues to implement an integrated approach to development that forsters health at the center of all it's work. We believe that if communities are healthy, they can do more and improve on their economic livelihoods. As a priority on our work relations with communities, we continue to promise them and support them with access to basic health care information and nutrion as a fundamental process of development. In July, our Health Director,Mr. James Milunga, conducted a series of primary health care/nutrition trainings that focused primarily on:

1. Nutrition and Health Care

2. Relationship between water/sanitation (WASH) AND healthy living

3. The role that community members can play in helping spread good health standards among families, children and farmers.

Angels Making A Difference With ZKW 100 ($10) /Month

Every month our donor Alexis commits Zkw100 ($10) to support our work in Zambia. As little as it may seem, this money goes a long way in helping changing he lives of children. For instance just the past 4 months, Alexis has been able to help 3 children go back to school while we continue to look for additional donors.

Please click here to read this amazing report on how your donation of Zkw 100 ($10)month can make a difference.

The Pride OF Hard Work

Twice a week, I join my women friends to walk about 200 meters to our local community garden where we spend our valuable time. We not only work on the farms, but we interact and share stories of love joy and learning. Last week, one of my friends shared a story how her grandchild finally made his first baby step- a proud grandmother of 4. It’s these movements that we cherish despite all the hardship we face. These communal gatherings at the local farms brings us together and help us embrace our traditions and love. We also learn a lot from each other.

The most important aspect is what we hope to get out of these community gardens. At our group, we are very positive that this vegetable garden season will produce beans, cabbages, rape, tomatoes and cowpeas. I know for sure we will support our families with food on the table and will be able to sale some of these produces. Nsugeni Community Based Organization is doing a great job helping us engage in these activities as it helps us improve our health and increase our food production.

Women Group at Tubombe Preparing field for Vegetable Garden

Women Group at Tubombe Preparing field for Vegetable Garden