Backyard Gardens- A Source of Food Production and Livelihoods

 Nsugeni Community Basesd Organization believe that women have a strong sense of community and they are always helping others. This is true with community gardening, a project being funded by Global Health from the Methodist United Church in USA.  These gardens are often established at the back or side of a home or school /community property because families or children are keen to become involved with the communities they live and work in and where they are daily confronted with poverty or nutritional challenges.

As a women led organization, we are committed to support families who are interested and engaged in low-cost food production as community gardens make ecological sense. We have seen local ruralfarmers plantting hedges and other flora around their plots. Community Gardens The gardens can be anything from 1,000 to 5,000 square metres in size.Mary Kombe is leading by example- She strongly fees that eating vegetables regularly, has improved her health.