At Nsugeni Community Based Organization, we work so hard to try and give hope to our women and their families. We provide livelihoods support so that they can increase their food production while at the same time we believe that a healthy body can do more and therefore we try as much as we can to provide health and nutritional support to mothers and children. For 2017, we are going to be proud reaching out 30 women groups and 60 households under our programme of support.


While we work hard, we also have fun with our communities. Our 2017 Miss Nsugeni contest show just ended. Our first prize went to Ms. Juliet from Natubombe Women Groups. Second prise went to Ms. Mwamba from Twaikosa Group while the 3rd prize was awarded to Ms. Violet from Mpima Women’s Group. The competition was modeling.


Other prizes included the best women enterprise programme with high impact and supporting families with income and food production including rate of payback on loans:


  1. Frist Prize:  Mapalo Women Groups – Selling Chickens

  2. Second Prize: Natubombe Women Group- Selling Homemade bread and buns

  3. Third Prize – Tuplipamo Women Group – Selling second hand clothes and knitting school sweaters


Mary Kombe (far right) with Winners of the 2017 Miss Nsugeni CBO Contest

Mary Kombe (far right) with Winners of the 2017 Miss Nsugeni CBO Contest