Supporting Women Groups to Keep and Sale Chickens - An Intergrated Approach

Women Community Groups are becoming even more smarter here in Zambia. They are embracing the idea of “integrated” food security and working on a combo of various types of projects. Health, Education and now food security. With continued support from Global Health, a US based organization, Nsugeni Community Based Organization is working with these women groups to fulfill their dreams. Our newest friend is in Natuseko Community that have unanimously agreed to raise chickens for meat (healthy food) and for sale (livelihoods to raise income).

Hybrid chicken in Zambia in generally more expensive to keep, but communities tend to get higher returns than the local breeds, popularly known as “Trotter’s” . Nsugeni CBO is more confident that Women Groups keeping chickens will get a return on their investment in just two months compared to our traditional “Trotters” that require at least seven months before they can sell the birds off as food.