Planning Ahead For The Next 6 Months

With less than 6 months left before the year end, Nsugeni Community Based Organization had it's mid term planning to prioritize its work. We are going to focus our work on three key priorities.

1. Agriculture support to Women Groups. We want to continue to help women as our priority so that they produce additional food to support their families and children. We intend to reach out and support 5-6 groups.

2. We are hoping to find sponsors for 9 of our young girls we are still in need of educational support. We are appealing to the community to join us in helping these young girls go back to school .

3. We also want to continue empowering ourselves at Nsugeni Community Based Organization so that we have the necessary skills to help the communities we support even better and document what we do.

4. Finally, even though this has been a challenge, we still want to help our community schools by rehabilitating some of the dilapidated schools so that children have access to better, safer and heathier facilities such as toilets and drinking facilities.