Looking Ahead For 2019

Nsugeni Community Based Organization would like to offer a special thank you to UMC Global Health for supporting our community health initiative over the past year. With your help, we were able to reach out to 15 community based groups, and 15 micro enterprise initiatives closely to 150 women members! We also recognize that “giving comes from the heart and NOT the amount that matters”. We want to also express our sincere gratitude to our individual donor - Alexis for his commitment monthly donations to support children in school. Thank you!

Our next chapter for 2019 looks promising. We are sat and asked ourselves tough questions where we need to position the organization. What did we do well, and how did we do it? What were the failures and how can we control them? Any opportunities that we can look at? For 2019 we are therefore going to focus on three key strategies:

1.      Providing Space and Opportunities for Women to come and share their life experiences, and challenges so that we can offer guidance if applicable on improved health for women

2.      Young Adults, Children are our priority- We don’t want to see children going hungry at school or without a meal at home. This is a tough one, but we shall pray for people to help us move forward.

3.      Agriculture- Helping women farmers who are struggling with basic agriculture to put food on the table. We shall continue to work with the Ministry of Agriculture and offer extension services, and access to affordable inputs while at the same time promoting ecological sustainable agriculture.

PLEASE JOIN OUR MOVEMENT IN 2019 by offering your time, donation or even talent to help us achieve our goals.


Happy 2019


Mary Kombe