Six Month of Hard Work

Nsugeni CBO Team  worked tirelessly over the course of the first half year into 2018. Here are some highlights that we have done:

1. Despite the struggle with poor rains that caused huge challenges with farmers, we were able to continue helping families and women groups to grow drought resistance high protein vegetables. Most if not all 9 groups were able to grow beans. This week we begin to monitor how the farmers are going to collect the beans from their fields and store it appropriately for consumption and market value

2. We were able to work with Global Health to ensure the programme activities were completed as scheduled and submitted the final report. This included financial and written narrative reports.

3. We were able to identify 7 more groups of women/men to embark on innovative but high value business enterprises within their communities. 

                                                Nsugeni CBO  Team

                                                Nsugeni CBO  Team


4. We recognized that women and the communities in general where we work need to be recognized. We therefore organized an appreciative day and gave certificates to our partners recognizing the work they do in rural Kabwe.