Progress Made Through Backyard Gardens

By Teresa Bwalya, Director Nsugeni Community Based Organization

Every day is a challenge for most of our families in rural Kabwe. We wake up and not knowing where the next meal will come from. Income is erratic as there is no formal employment or informal source of income other than sporadic income activities scattered around with family’s members. When communities and donors tell us whether it’s true that we survive on $1 per day, I used to think that was the most shocking mockery of all time. But it’s the truth.

Working and being part of Nsugeni Community Based Organization is a life changing moment for me. I’m responsible for education programme supporting young children, particularly young girls in school and working with Parents Teachers Associations. Recently I have also been assigned a tusk to identify and work with women families that are struggling to put food on the table by helping them engage in “small backyard vegetable gardens” during the lean season when vegetables are prime source of food and income. Our goal for 2017, with support from a faith based organization in the USA called Global Health, we are aiming to reach out to 50 families either as individuals or communal groups with a goal to contribute in food production at community, household and national level.

Nsugeni CBO is providing inputs such as seeds, hoes, trainings and access to basic information on markets so that some value is added to the produce that the families grow. Selection of these families will be based on vulnerability, orphans at household level and ability to work on the small back yard gardens. Our target is that out of the 50 families, we anticipate to reach 300 individual beneficiaries by the end of the project. If you would like to join our movement to help support these families, please visit our website on or send us an email at . For a donation of ZKW270 ($30) you can make a difference