Women continue to be disproportionately marginalized in rural Zambia with little or no access to necessary resources or opportunities for economic advancement. This lack of access trickles down to the youngest members of their families who are forced to grow up in an environment of extreme disadvantage. It is our mission at Nsugeni Community-Based Organization to address these problems through community-level interventions that focus on the conditions that most directly limit their ability to thrive.

Our staff and volunteers work to engage, mobilize, and educate women’s groups to give them greater control of their futures. Through our programs, women have the opportunity to supply their families with food, education, and healthcare; and children face the prospect of a brighter future through learning.

Women's Empowerment

Nsugeni CBO provides microloans and grants to women’s groups to manage small, sustainable businesses. Having control of their own enterprise instills these industrious women with a sense of security and the knowledge that they can more readily meet their individual needs. With their earnings, they are in a better able to provide basic necessities for their families, such as food, clothing, and shelter. Enabling women to take charge of their lives in this way gives them an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment. Our enterprise development programs work to instill within them the idea that they can take the reins and utilize their skills and knowledge to improve their living conditions.


Due to their limitless potential and vulnerable place in society, the education of our children is a priority to us. We believe that education is essential to altering the trajectory of a disadvantaged child’s life. We provide ongoing support to students through a series of mentoring and tutoring programs that are designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning. We also work hands-on to rehabilitate community schools so that children can learn in a safe and healthy environment.



Sustainable Farming

The land of rural Zambia is a naturally-replenishing resource that provides food for many people. Nsugeni CBO has created a community farm project that offers basic agricultural training to local farmers and educates community members on farming methods that promote continued use of the land. We work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to ensure that farmers have the most current information available and adopt ecologically-sound farming practices.



Health, Nutrition, and Health Education

Nsugeni CBO conducts ongoing health education and prevention programs in schools and throughout the larger community. We provide essential healthcare information and offer programs that address communicable diseases and deadly illnesses such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, and AIDS. Our focus is on educating the community about the particulars of each ailment and explaining how they can avoid catching or spreading these maladies.

We also recognize that poor nutrition can lead to poor health and negative outcomes. This is especially true for families with children and elderly members. To address this issue, we provide nutritious foods to malnourished families, and we disseminate nutrition information throughout the community.

Institutional Development

We are passionate about reaching out to others, sharing what we know, learning from them, and adopting best practices. We devote a great deal of time and energy to improving our infrastructure and updating our methods of operation, ensuring that each year we serve the community is better than the last. Nsugeni CBO works with women’s groups and rural Zambians to manage a community farm that produces foods that can be distributed to malnourished families or sold at the marketplace for reinvestment in the community. We work alongside the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock on extension training programs that will enable us to expand our farming programs. As our organization continues to grow, we will invest in acquiring more tracts of land that can be used to produce even more food for the community and bolster our presence as a leader in the revitalization of rural Zambia.